Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape Review

I have been using the Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape, 1.88 Inches x 800 Inches, 6 Rolls with Dispenser (142-6) with my eBay selling since I have started it a few years ago.  I can say that I have never had an issue where the tape has come undone; this is after hundreds of packages shipped.  Highly recommend over all brands.  They even stand by their product and will refund if you are not satisfied.

About the product:
·  40X stronger than acrylic tapes (in shear adhesion holding power, compared to acrylic tapes based on ASTMB)
·  Provides excellent holding power for heavy-duty packaging and shipping
·  Strong seal on all box types, including hard-to-stick-to 100% recycled boxes
·  Strong, durable solvent-free hot melt adhesive seals and protects
·  3.1 mil thick

Stronger is better.

Our evolution started with solving a problem. Today, more boxes are being made from 100% recycled content, which is a good thing. Our hot melt tapes have always been strong and reliable. And now our moving and shipping tapes work harder on 100% recycled boxes. They’re even guaranteed to stay sealed.* We're always looking for ways to make people's lives easier. Including yours. Enjoy.
Heavy duty
Now even the heaviest packages can withstand rough handling, even those hard-to-stick-to 100% recycled boxes. The strong, tough, solvent-free hot melt adhesive of Scotch Heavy Duty Packaging Tape locks in your heavy duty contents and locks out everything else.

Commercial grade industrial strength
Strong, hot-melt, solvent-free adhesive keeps out moisture, dust and dirt while a release coating makes unwind easy and resists splitting, saving you time. With the reliable seal of Scotch Commercial Grade Shipping Packaging Tape, your heavy industrial packages can bear the weight and stay sealed through it all.
Looking to make the greener choice for your office? Show your commitment to sustainability with Scotch Commercial Grade Greener Tape. Made from 50% recycled materials.

Quiet & easy unwind
Seal packages quietly and easily, with Scotch Sure Start Packaging Tape. These easy-to-start rolls unwind smoothly and resist slivering and splitting.