Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring Review

Ever since I have been working my new job, and using my hands to work on machines throughout the day I was getting worried that if I would smash my finger that, well who knows what would happen.  I have a Tungsten ring and once you smach your finger and it swells up, you need to either pull it off before it swells up, or get it cut off.  Well, I wanted to leave my wedding band on while I work, weight lift, mountain bike, etc.  So I looked into a Silicone Wedding Band.  I have tried numerous brands and the best brand I have found is Rinfit.

The Rinfit ring is made from medical grade silicone.  In lamens terms that is a really good material.  For the price of these ones, you can get 4 rings of different colors really cheap compared to other rings.

I can say that working out at the gym with barbells, no marks have ended up on my rings.  The worst thing that happens is that I lose them.  Highly recommend for those of you that are active and want to wear a wedding band, but don't want your fancy wedding band.
"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person" - Mignon McLaughlin.


About the product from the Manufacturer:
Being a family company with an active lifestyle, we understand how important it is that a love of adventure doesn’t get in the way of sentimentality.
 We realized that the best way to keep the marital symbol in your life and making sure marriage doesn't ruin your
adventurous lifestyle is to change the material of the ring. That's why we created our own
brand - Rinfit - silicone wedding rings.


Rinfit Silicone Wedding Bands - The Ring That Fits Your Lifestyle!

Now you can fall in love with your significant other and your active lifestyle all over again.
Our silicone wedding rings for men are the perfect match for those who want to express their
love while living an active lifestyle.
You don’t ever have to take off your wedding ring ever again if you don’t want to!


✔ Displays the infinity symbol so you can declare your unending devotion to your partner.
✔ Safe for workouts, heavy machinery, and extreme sports.
✔ Durable, almost impossible to break, damage, or lose.
✔ Available in black, blue, gray, and green.


Rinfit Silicone Wedding Ring for Men - Details:
Width: - 9 mm
Thickness: - 2 mm
Size 8 - 18.14 mm
Size 9 - 18.95 mm
Size 10 - 19.76 mm
Size 11 - 20.57 mm
Size 12 - 21.39 mm