CoolWind Biking Gloves Review
I have had tried various mountain bike gloves in the past and most tend to fall apart after so long.  These gloves here seems like they will stand the test of time, but as we all know, no material lasts forever.

My first impression when I took these out of the box and put them on, is that they are snug (I got the size Large) and fit comfortably. You barely notice that they are even on your hands.

This specific model from Coolwind comes in 2 colors, either Blue or Orange.  I personally prefer the orange because I would rather wear something of bright color while mountain biking on trails in the woods than something dark in color.

Highly recommend to try these out, for the price they are great.

Biking Gloves ,Cycling Gloves For Men Gloves Mountain Bike Gloves 5mm Gel Pad Shock-absorbing Breathable Motorcycle Gloves Fingerless , CoolWind 


  • Canvas
  • Mountain bike gloves natural palm rubber to reduce 94% friction
  • Cycling gloves for men use of sticky lengthening stretch bands protect the wrists
  • Bycicle gloves with sticky lengthening stretch bands can adjust the size to suit different people
  • Biking gloves use of high-quality 100% breathable microfiber material can quickly absorb sweat during the ride and helps the hands breathe better.
  • Bike gloves are not only good for cycling, they are also widely used as an ideal tool in fitness, lifting, climbing,rock climbing, boating, fishing, hiking, kayaking and other outdoor activities 

-------Size Direction Of Cycling Gloves For Men

✅ Measure your hand circumference,chose M for 7.5in-8.3in . Chose L for 8.3in-8.7in. Chose XL for 8.7in-9.1in

-------High Breathable Meaterial Of Biking Gloves

✅ The Palm is made of 100% antiskid leather to made it durable and keep warm, while the back of hands is made of air vents to offer great breathability.

-------100% SBR Natural Rubber To Reduce Friction

✅ The mountain bike gloves for man are shockproof with 100% 5'mm natural rubber, which reduces 94% friction between palms and bicycle handlebars and eases the pain of the hands during a long ride

-------Velcro Buckle Of Men Gloves

✅ Men gloves can quick taken off.

-------Help You To Work Better Use these Touch Screen Gloves

✅ If you prefer to use gloves to work or always on your phone and laptop . It’s very comfortable and stylish .The gloves has holes on the palms so that your hands can breathe. If your hands easily perspire so the holes are very helpful.