Adoric Life Can Opener Review

This Adoric Life can opener works as needed and it does have a nice guard to protect you from cutting your finger.  My only complaint is that it is made of plastic and seems like it might not last a long time.  But it has worked on a handful of cans so far without any issues.

Compared to other can openers, this one is one of the cheaper options and it comes with a free bottle opener.  Sometimes you have to weigh the pros of the low price to the cons of it being plastic and decide if this can opener is right for you.
About the Product:

Adoric Life Can Opener - Smooth Edge for Good Cook Can Opener, Safe Stainless Steel with Side Can Opener, Handheld Easy Open, Not Touch Food, and A Free Bottle Opener for You 


  • 【Ergonomic Design】 The can opener is equipped with a soft long handle and a large turning knob. Ensure quick and effortless to open the can or jar, fit for people of all ages to use, even easy for a kid or a senior.
  • 【No Sharp Edges】Designed with a safety cutting system, the can opener is 100% safe to use. No sharp blades or jagged edges, so your fingers or hands will never be damaged while opening the can.
  • 【No Food Contamination】 The jar opener can safely and precisely separate the lid from can or jar without touching the inside food. The lid is cut perfectly, which allows you to cover the lid back on the can and keep the food fresh.
  • 【Easy to Clean & Store】 High quality cutting head and rubber handle are easy to wash with flushing water. Dishwasher safe, the hanging hole on the end of the handle makes the opener easy to be stored in anywhere of your kitchen.

     Opening a Can is So Easy!
    Whether you often hurt your fingers while opening a can? The traditional can openers are always dangerous and still need much strength to open the can. Our new version can openers integrate all thoughtful designs to help you open a can quickly, safely and effortlessly.
    Don’t hesitate anymore, just add them to your cart now, and enjoy the easiest way to open cans with our new jar opener.
    Why Choose Us
    No sharp edges & Safe cutting mechanism
    Convenient turning knob & Comfortable handle
    Even suitable for children and elders to use
    Easy to clean & Dishwasher safe
    High quality material, solid and durable
    Easy to store and carry
    Free bottle opener
    ★★How to Use★★
    1.Twist the turning knob anticlockwise to make the cutting wheel fit on the edge of the can.
    2. Twist the turning knob clockwise to tighten the cutting wheel and continue to twist till the cutting wheel turn a circle along the edge of a can.
    3. Twist the turning knob anticlockwise to loose the can, and then the lid is opened.
    Warm Tips
    Maybe you need practice a few more times when first use.
    The opener can wash in dishwasher, but please let it fully dry and store it in dry place.
    Package Included
    1 x Safety Can Opener
    1 x Bottle Opener